Sand and rocks

The Beaches

Piombino boasts very fine, pale coloured sandy beaches, and secluded rocky coves, with crystal clear sea and, in parts, shallow water and low depth shoals, thus particularly suited for family holidays. The sea shore can be easily accessed at various points from the B & B either on foot or by bicycle.

The most notable beaches are Baratti, Calamoresca and Spiaggia Lunga (Long Beach). The coastline between the town's walls is mainly rocky / pebbly, and there are free public beaches as well as private ones.

At Salivoli, besides the beach, there is a tourist harbour providing charter facilities for the Tuscan archipelago and trips to Pianosa. North of the town, approx. 5 minutes by car, you'll find Baratti, with its large circular gulf and famous the world over for the remains of the Etruscan civilisation. Baratti is well equipped for holidaymakers and tourist facilities such as diving, sailing school, taxi-boat to reach enchanting hidden coves (also accessible by well signed footpaths). A large part of the beach has free public access.

To the south of Piombino the "Costa Est" (east coast) is defined by pale sandy beaches and shallow sea, ideal for families, ample stretches of free public beach alongside first rate, well equipped private bathing establishments. From Costa Est it is easy to reach Parco della Sterpaia and a WWF oasis, two pristine, uncontaminated land sites whose natural beauty has been preserved over the years. Here too, you'll find diving facilities geared to offer daily immersions as far as the Isle of Elba.